Mission of The Art of Selling Wine

The Art of Selling Wine explores market niches, positioning, new trends, and sales channels for winegrowers.

The Art of Selling Wine reveals how contemporary wine selling works. Together, we meet inspiring players in the wine industry and follow them into their world. In this way, we consistently lead you into new terrains and show you how to open it up for yourself. The Art of Selling Wine aims to support aspiring winemakers with much-needed knowledge, which cannot be found in textbooks, in the development of our diverse and marvelous winemaking industry.


Social media influencers, daily burgeoning online platforms, changing shopping behaviour – the direction into which our wine market is evolving raises many questions. In response, The Art of Selling Wine presents people who are adopting remarkably well to the new market conditions. The Art of Selling Wine interviews wineries, wine merchants, sommeliers. The aim is not only to show you the new paths but also to help you and your winery to make the transition successfully.